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Danni Baylor’s “LAVA” is a Winner in International Songwriting Competition 2015.

Meet Danni Baylor (The Artist)


Based out of Fort Washington, MD, Danni Baylor is an authentic and electrifying performer/Singer-songwriter with the ability to level listeners with her calming, pristine, yet haunting voice. Not only can she win over a crowd within minutes but uses her theatrical background as the thread that binds her high energy live show together. Along with spot on comedic timing and transparent catharsis, this one stop shop performer will make you laugh, cry and party. Danni consistently produces music that defies the limits of genre, race and economic status. She is the perfect merge of Pop, Folk, Soul and Rock. Her music inspires the underdog and gives hope to the fighter. 






The Dixon Lounge                   October 22, 2016            Indian Head, MD

Treehouse Lounge                   December 2, 2016            Washington, DC

NO FILTER "Girl Talk Experience"   January 7, 2017             Washington, DC








News & Updates

Danni is currently working on new music set to be released, Summer 2017.




by Danni Baylor

Imagine yourself, better yet, your dreams as magma heating  beneath a surface. . . like something not yet seen but to be anticipated. Bound to blow like "LAVA" Wherever you are its never too late to start again and chase your dream. The greatest battles are inside. 

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    Danni Baylor